Summer vacation is finally here! Summer is the time for fun, fresh, and frozen treats! But how do you know which ones are safe for your braces? Here are some braces-friendly summer treats to satisfy your summer cravings all season long.

Farm-Fresh Fruit and Berries

Summer is a great time for a trip to your local farmers market! If you’re looking for braces-friendly summer treats that are fresh and juicy, the farmers market is the place to go. Look for soft fruits, veggies, and berries (seedless is best) at peak ripeness and great prices since they are grown by local farmers. You’ll wish it was summer all year long!

Say Cheese!

Another thing to look for at the farmers market: fresh, local dairy. Soft cheeses, yogurt, and cottage cheese are great, braces-friendly snacks that are rich in protein and calcium. Paired with the fresh fruit and veggies you also just found at the market? Delicious!

Tasty Dip Combos

Dips like hummus, bean dip, or cheese dip are all excellent ways to add in some extra protein, fiber, and other nutrients. Try dipping fresh fruit, soft veggies, flat bread, or very thinly sliced apples or pears. The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to tasty dip combos.

Frosty Smoothies

One of our favorite braces-friendly summer treats is the quintessential summer smoothie. Smoothies are just so easy and delicious. Plus, you can pack in nearly any ingredient to boost their nutrition-value without sacrificing taste! Not to mention they are icy-cold for those sweltering hot summer days. Smoothies are tough to beat when it comes to summer treats.

Got More Ideas?

This list is just the beginning! Homemade popsicles, baked kale chips, rice pudding — we could go on forever. If you have more ideas for braces-friendly summer treats, don’t hesitate to ask your orthodontist about them to make sure they are safe for your braces!

Braces don’t have to hold you back. Summer is a time for fun and your orthodontist will be happy to help you find out how you can get the most out of your summer with braces while also ensuring that your braces treatment stays on track so you’ll be enjoying your new smile right on schedule.

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