Braces can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. But you may have also wondered, can you whiten your smile with braces? Here are the facts and some helpful tips for brightening your teeth while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Can You Use Whitening Treatments?

Many different kinds of teeth whitening treatments are available, from whitening toothpastes and at-home whitening kits to professional treatments your dentist can apply in-office. But can you whiten your smile with braces?

It’s best not to use whitening treatments on your teeth until you get your braces off. Because braces brackets are fixed in place, whitening your teeth while you have braces can result in uneven whitening since the whitening treatment can’t reach the part of your teeth beneath the brackets.

Options for Braces

The good news is, there are still ways to brighten your smile while you have braces! One simple way to make your smile appear brighter is the color of bands you choose. Darker colors can make your teeth appear whiter and brighter, as opposed to lighter or brighter colors that might compete with the brightness of your smile.

Another great way to brighten your smile is to practice excellent oral hygiene every day. Making sure that your teeth stay clean and free from food debris and plaque by brushing after each meal and flossing daily can help your smile to naturally appear brighter.

If you’ve noticed staining or discoloration of your teeth, a professional dental cleaning can also help. A dental hygienist can help to brighten your smile by removing the stains and hardened tartar buildup that regular brushing and flossing might not be able to.

Coming Up with a Long-Term Plan

The answer to the question, “Can you whiten your smile with braces?” might not seem ideal right now, but you won’t have braces forever — and you’ll be so happy you got them when you see the results! It’s also never too early to make a long-term plan for whitening your new smile after your braces are removed!

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