When many of us think of self care, we might picture a walk among fresh air and nature, practicing yoga, a quiet meditation session, a relaxing bath with essential oils or getting creative in a coloring book. All of these are wonderful ways to self care that can benefit your mind and being, but self care encompasses many ways of caring for your health and includes your whole body. Dental care is no different. As the awareness and practice of self care becomes more and more popular, it’s important to begin a discussion about it by talking about how it is defined and everything it encompasses. Here is how dental care is self care:

A Definition of Self Care

WHO defines self care as “the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.”

Self care is the prioritizing of your health and wellbeing to improve the way you feel and function. It is taking time to refresh and heal when you need it. It is taking time to take care of your needs.

It becomes clear dental care is self care on a very important level because of how vital dental care is to feeling and looking your best! Dental care not only affects our teeth and gums, but as our smile is often our way of relating with the world, and our dental health is an important part of eating and digesting our food, it affects our lives in a meaningful way.

So you may be wondering, how can dental care fit into your self care routine?

An Understanding of Dental Care

Dental care is the maintenance of the cleanliness and health of the mouth, teeth and gums. Dentists usually recommend a general routine of brushing 2-3 times a day, flossing once a day and using mouthwash.

Think of it like a spa treatment for your mouth. This is one way to consider how dental care is self care. Brushing and flossing not only clean your teeth, but help to stimulate your gums to increase circulation and the health of your whole mouth. Mouthwash also comes in many flavors and can give you a clean, refreshed feeling much like a mask and skin treatment to your face would leave it tingling.

It may also be helpful to add fruits and veggies to your diet and be mindful of your consumption of sugars and carbs as these can react with the saliva in your mouth to produce acid that can cause tooth decay. Creating healthful meals can be fun and also elevate your sense of beauty and calm if you try some new ideas like cutting the fruits and vegetables into thin slices or unique shapes and arranging them in a pretty design on a platter. Drinking plenty of water can also help wash away food particles and acids that may contribute to tooth decay. It doesn’t hurt that drinking plenty of water is good for your body as a whole as well.

Pamper Yourself

Dental care is self care and it doesn’t have to be mundane or merely routine. It can be a whole sensory experience. Get creative and have fun! If you enjoy scented candles or essential oils, you can transform your dental care into a relaxing and rejuvenating experience by prepping the room first with a diffuser using some fragrances you enjoy and lighting some candles. Playing your favorite music is also a great idea to engage even more senses.

Talk to Your Dentist

You can also talk to your dentist at your next cleaning and exam about what options are available to you during your visit. Many dental offices have headphones with music or a screen so that you can listen to your favorite songs or even watch a movie while your teeth are being cleaned. Enjoy yourself as you explore new ways to practice oral hygiene while pampering yourself and remembering that dental care is self care.

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