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I must be a celebrity because that's how I was treated by the front end staff also the doctor was very attentive to my needs, I left the dental office happy and I look forward to coming back soon thanks Peppermint Dental.

Peppermint treats you like family and everyone there is great to talk to and know. - Cristal J.
Took my kids to get their yearly check up, and I received wonderful customer service. The staff was outstanding and very professional. I'm very particular as to where my children go for their dental services, but Peppermint dental definitely exceeded my expectations. I will be going back and will recommend this place to my family and friends. Thank you for your services.

I would give this place more stars if possible! The entire experience was wonderful. My son and I were treated like VIP's from the moment we walked in the door. The staff was smiling and courteous, and the dentist, Dr. Nylander (sp?),was great with my son and finished his procedure before I even finished taking care of the financial part up front. The only improvements I would make is to maybe have a kiddie corner for the younger patients and to offer coffee for those of us with early appointments who are not yet fully awake.

Due to multiple life changes, relocation, change in insurance, etc., we found ourselves in search of establishing new medical providers near our home. Finding and trusting a dentist is not an easy decision for my family given the fact that we have had dental challenges in the past. After much deliberating and with the recommendation from a friend, we visited a number of dental offices in the area and made the decision to make an appointment with the Rowlett Peppermint Dental. We were and have been very pleased with the quality of service we have received. Dr. Thakkar is very professional, patient and thorough in evaluating and providing detailed information regarding our progress, the necessary preventative care and plan of action for addressing problem areas. Additionally, my wife is extremely pleased with the care and patience exhibited by the hygienist, most recently Laura, in meeting her needs above expectations. The administrative staff has been warm and friendly and has worked with my family, without a hint of frustration, as we have had to make numerous adjustments with our appointments. Overall, my family of three has been very pleased with the care and service provided by the Rowlett Peppermint Dental. Thanks for such excellent service and care. See you in 2017.

Best dental experience...EVER!!! All staff members are very friendly and welcoming. My dentist awesome!

My daughter had no insurance but they still let me bring her in. They even offered to get her in on the same day! The lobby was clean, and no toys for kiddos but they had a TV playing kids movies. Took her back and Alex did great with her! Even have her a mask and gloves after everything was over and now she wants to be a dentist. I liked them so much, I made an appointment 2 days later. Went in and they were consistently great! I needed am extraction and everything was very affordable and didn't hurt at all. I won't be going anywhere else again.

I have only just had my first appointment with them but right off I could see a world of a difference from my last dental office. Polite and friendly staff and had someone come to me and go over charges with me. There is so many nice things I can say about this place. I enjoyed my experience here and highly recommend it.

Staff was patient and explained everything in detail. This was the first deep cleaning I have ever had that did not cause me pain at a dentist.
I was so surprised by the new cleaning technique they used. I was going to switch offices because of the distance I drive but after today's visit my mind had been changed. It's worth the drive!

I am what they call a high fear patient--(Anxiety, Phobia)-as in my dear close friend had to drive me and stay in the room the whole time with me, hold my legs down and hold my hand and nearly sit on me!----yet through it all the Dentist and staff were patient and trying to do all they could to help me be more comfortable--( I was in a position to need a same day appt. for a broken/abscessed molar that needed to be pulled. I could not eat or talk it hurt so bad.) I called at 2pm--at 450 pm I was in the chair (just over 2 hours altogether)- but they were patient, gassed me and were doing all they could to make sure I was numb enough not to feel it. I would highly recommend this place to anyone, if they can handle me--all else should be a breeze!

I walked into this office on a random day just to get some information and schedule an appointment for my 2 year old daughter. The staff was friendly, and helped me right away. They told me the doctor could see me right then. I sat in the very clean waiting room for about ten minutes and we were called back. The rooms looked very neat, and clean. Everything was well organized. The nursed knew what they were doing and they were very patient with it being my daughters first time there. I highly recommend this dentist.

I took my son 9 years old here this morning. He has disabilities, mood disorder, hearing loss sensory integration and Asperger’s. They were very patient in dealing with him explained things to him before they did anything I was very satisfied and will definitely return. Took my 6 year old here also and she loved it.

Love everyone here!
(Disclaimer- this is my opinion & my experience)
My location - Rowlett
Wait time- virtually none
Staff- very nice, kind and courteous, #1 thing, GREAT COMMUNICATION with appointments, procedures, and etc.
Ortho- Fantastic!
Dentist in general- Kind, funny and fun to be around.
Environment- A+++ love going to the dentist now, no fear of being hurt, no fear of unknown procedures being conducted, along with the waiting room not being boring with the movies they have playing and etc.
I recommend all my friends and family to come including my husband. If you are not already attending you should really think about it. Been a patient for 3-4years now and previously went to another dental office and they ruined my trust in dentist and assistants along with made my fear and anxiety go through the roof.

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